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One of our favorite partners over the years is Provia Doors. For more than 40 years Provia has been building entry doors and storm doors for residential homes. Based in central Ohio in the heart of Amish country, Provia has a perfect blend of craftsmanship and dedication to excellence.

There are a lot of door companies out there that make a lot of claims about quality, design, and support, but the majority of those companies are only assemblers and not vertically integrated manufacturers. Provia not only fabricates and finishes their products, but they also deliver the product to our warehouse directly. That means that if there are any issues with manufacturing or delivery, there is no one left to point the finger at. Because of this, Provia takes on added interest in ensuring their product is delivered in complete perfection.

Offering a wide variety of Steel entry doors, Fiberglass entry doors, and aluminum storm doors, there is a door style for every application.

Our doors are built to accommodate residential and light-commercial wall construction. When replacing an entry door, it almost always requires removing the old door frame clear to the stud cavity. This is called the rough opening. Our team is trained to inspect and creatively solve any issues that might hinder a complete and proper entry door install. If this care is not taken, the long-term performance of the door may be in jeopardy. The installation includes finishing the door system all the way to the siding or brick on the exterior and to the drywall or trim on the interior.

There are more than 8 billion ways to design a door with color, glass, and style options, and there is no warehouse large enough to house all of these options. Nearly every customer utilizes a design tool that Provia has created to help visualize the next door for your home.

Please see below for links to the visualizer and webpages for exterior entry door colors and options.

Provia Door Visualizer

Provia 20-gauge Steel Entry Door