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We work with you to make your kitchen an exceptional living space you’ve always imagined.

Our process begins with an initial meeting to determine the scope of your project with a site visit to your home. We work together to design a project that fits both your budget and your vision. Once we agree to proceed together, we finalize measurements and drawings that will eventually lead to a project plan and field plans for our crew and specialty contractors.

During the project management phase, we transform the final drawings into your new space.  The execution of the construction and design plan requires teamwork between the project manager, specialty contractors and the homeowner. Our goal is to complete the project in a timely manner with superior craftsmanship to leave you with the detailed kitchen you originally envisioned.

We are passionate about what we do. For us it’s much more than creating a useful space with fine cabinetry. Working with you to define your design vision, look and function, and navigating you through the construction process, so you can enjoy the final product.

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Plato Woodworking and Cabinets, handmade in Plato, MN, are a premium cabinet designer and fabricator. Committed to the custom experience, Plato offers cabinets made in the spirit of their origins more than 100 years ago. Living up to their historical values, they source domestically as much as possible and believe that building an heirloom quality cabinet is what sets them apart from the big manufacturers. Still family-owned today, Plato’s roots are firmly planted in the soil of the Plains and will continue to define quality for generations to come.

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MasterBrand Cabinets is a consortium of manufacturers that coalesced to offer a wide-array of products collectively as a unified brand. Because of the consistencies in the brand, we are able to creatively offer cabinetry for nearly every application – from standard to custom. Start designing today to see what MasterBrand can do for your kitchen!

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