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Patio doors are practically a standard feature on most homes in Wisconsin. Our weather from Spring through Fall is favorable for patio doors because we are able to use them for extra ventilation while keeping the bugs out. In the Winter, they offer a lot of extra light into the home at a time when light is in short supply.

One of the major problems we see with patio doors is they often become tough to operate and a prone to rotting. The operating components of many sliding doors are subject to tremendous strain and often push the limits of performance over time due to the weight of the panels. This can lead to premature failure of the sliding wheels on the track. Also, most doors installed until the turn of the century were largely made of soft wood that is left exposed to the freeze/thaw cycle of Wisconsin. Over time, these doors simply rot at weak points and ultimately fail.

We’ve evaluated the products in the marketplace and had the best long-term success with Andersen gliding and Frechwood hinged patio doors. Built in our climate zone to withstand the fluctuations in our annual weather cycle, the doors offer an excellent solution for long into the future.

Some of the features we appreciate are a maintenance-free exterior available in up to 11 colors. A full-wood interior that can be finished in any color you choose. Hardware designed with security in mind, including a footbolt lock, so you can finally get rid of pesky dowel rod in the sliding track. Glass that provides excellent visibility with energy-star performance. All of this backed by a century-old company dedicated to the customer experience.

Check out some of the great options from our patio door lineup below.

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Click the logo to visit Andersen’s traditional Frenchwood patio doors styles and contemporary Permashield and Narroline patio door offerings. These doors are tried-and-true and historically field-tested, so you aren’t left worrying about long-term performance issues.

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The Architectural line of doors from Andersen offer many more options for colors and interior wood species. These semi-custom doors are built to your specifications and have exceptional performance ratings. A true category-leader in the market.